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November 8, 2010

Yes, I know fall is a big deal in East Tennessee.  Yes, I know people from all over the country trek to Cades Cove to bathe in the glorious colors that mother nature bestows upon us.  Yes, I’ve dealt with tourist traffic in the Smoky Mountains most of my life.  But on a random Wednesday afternoon?  Yes, Shanell.  On a random Wednesday afternoon…don’t be an idiot!

Well, this idiot thought the 11 mile loop in Cades Cove would be at least maneuverable enough for an engagement session.  Negative.  By the time Allie, Robbie, and myself realized it was going to be bumper to bumper on the one-way road, we were already losing light.  We did manage a few amazing sunset shots, but we ended up having to schedule another session the following week.  This time we stayed in town!  Just my opinion, but I think our 2nd location was just as beautiful.  Thoughts?

It wouldn’t matter if we were shooting in a sewer drain, these two lovebirds would cuddle, giggle and simply enjoy being together.  They are the cutest!!

Can’t wait till the wedding, A+R!

"Engagement photos at sunset in Cades Cove"

"Engagement photos at Cades Cove barn"

"Engagement photos at sunset in Cades Cove"

"Fall engagement photos under a blue sky in Cades Cove"

"Engagement photos in the trees of Campbell Station Park"

"Fall engagement photos at Campbell Station Park"

"Engaged couple - Piggyback ride"

"Engaged couple with hands in each others pockets"

"Engaged couple hikes through Campbell Station Park in Knoxville"

"Engaged couple hugging amidst fall leaves"

"Piggyback ride though Campbell Station Park in Knoxville"

"Showing off the engagement ring at Campbell Station Park in Knoxville"

"Engaged couple getting cozy at Campbell Station Park in Knoxville"

"Engaged couple, Allie and Robbie at Campbell Station Park in Knoxville"

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