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September 16, 2014

She had me at teal and red.  But Bethany & Jonathan’s sweet love story all started at a Nashville Sounds baseball game on a Friday the 13th.

“I never expected to meet anyone that night and further more, never would have thought that I was going to meet my future husband!  Jonathan has made me complete.  I thought before I met him that I had myself all figured out and that I was ok if I never met someone and that I would be ok by myself. But now I can’t even imagine my life without him. My best friend has become the person I want to spend every minute I can with and when we are apart I miss him and look forward to when I get home.  I bought a card for him recently and it really sums up how I feel: In love we each believe we are the lucky one…I know I’m the lucky one.” ~Bethany

How precious! B & J’s wedding at Cannery ONE in downtown Nashville was one of a kind, from the handmade “Nashville” signs framed with antique barn wood to the rhinestone “Huskers” pin on Bethany’s bouquet. And when the DJ played the Nebraska fight song, her family took over the dance floor.

Bethany has graciously shared her vendor info with us below.

Enjoy the images from their big day.  I had an awesome time!  Huge shout out & thanks to my 2nd shooter, Samir Osman.


Venue:  Cannery ONE.  “I LOVED the space when I first saw it and knew it was the place for our event.  Caitlin, who was the event coordinator for them, was great to work with.”


Florist & Day Of Coordinator:  Rachal, Manolia Ave.  “I can’t say enough good things about how everything turned out. When I first started working with Rachal she wanted to come to our house to talk about what we were wanting for the wedding.  I thought this was a little strange however she had a purpose for it!  When she provided me the quote she put ideas in there that she would have never known had she not come to our house to meet us.  Those personal touches immediately made me want to use her!  We ended up having Rachal for both our flowers and day of coordinator.  My bouquet and MOH bouquet turned out amazing and all the centerpieces she did were great as well!  As for the day of coordination…I can’t imagine not having her this day!  She was so great to work with and everyone, including the event space, said nothing but great things about her.”


Wedding Dress:  Pronovias from Ziobro’s Formals in Princeton KY.

“Ziobro’s was a great place to go look for dresses.  In a small town in KY I wasn’t sure what we would find but they had a great selection to choose from.  They do not do alteration here so you will need to find a place for that.”


MOH Gown: David’s Bridal


Alterations: Karen Hendrix Couture

“I spent a bit more money on this than I planned but in the end it was COMPLETELY worth it.  She did an amazing job with my bustle and was very detailed in everything she did on my dress.”


Hair & Makeup:  Shana Dyer at Harlow: A Salon on Music Row.

“Shana did a great job on our hair and makeup.  Shana has been doing my hair for a couple of year now and made sure to make me look myself.” 


“We purchased suits from JoS. A. Bank.  We found when only needing a couple that the cost was better and we could get them in the color we wanted them in.  I loved the shark skin blue color we ended up going with.  It looked great!”

nashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-navy-suitnashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-feather-huskers-bouquetnashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-feather-huskers-bouquetnashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-feather-huskers-bouquetnashville-wedding-cannery-one-navy-suit-groom-waiting-for-bride-first-looknashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-navy-suit-first-looknashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-navy-suit-first-look29-nashville-wedding-cannery-one-crying-groom-first-look30-nashville-wedding-cannery-one-first-look31-nashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-navy-bride-groom-backlit-window32-nashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-navy-suit-backlit-window33-nashville-wedding-cannery-one-bride-groom-backlit-window34-nashville-skyline-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-navy-suit35-nashville-skyline-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-red-navy-suit36-nashville-skyline-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-teal-red-navy-suit-wedding-partynashville-wedding-cannery-one-turquoise-teal-red-navy-suit-wedding-partynashville-wedding-cannery-one-cowgirl-flowergirl-pink-cowboy-bootsnashville-wedding-cannery-one-navy-suit-ceremonynashville-wedding-cannery-one-ceremony-bride-walking-aislenashville-wedding-cannery-one-navy-suit-ceremony-groom-smilingnashville-wedding-cannery-one-father-of-bride-smilingnashville-wedding-cannery-one-navy-suit-ceremony-father-hugging-groomnashville-wedding-cannery-one-ceremonynashville-wedding-cannery-one-ceremony-laughingnashville-wedding-cannery-one-ceremonynashville-wedding-cannery-one-ceremony-prayingnashville wedding cannery-one-ceremonynashville-wedding-cannery-one-ceremonynashville-skyline-sunset-wedding-cannery-one-bride-groomnashville-skyline-sunset-wedding-cannery-one-wedding-partynashville-skyline-sunset-wedding-cannery-one-wedding-partynashville-skyline-sunset-wedding-cannery-one-bride-groom-walking-to-receptionnashville-wedding-cannery-one-bride-groom-rings-closeupnashville-wedding-reception-cannery-one-vintage-nashville-tennessee-sign-barnwood

Decor & Accessories:  “Sarah Ella Cole at Delta Girl Frames did an amazing job on our frames, bourbon barrel head guest book and the shutters we used at the alter.  She did so much for us and we can’t thank her enough.”


Stationary:  “Darby at Darby Cards was great to work with.  She designed our wedding invitations and also our reserved signs for our tables.”


Catering:  Bacon & Caviar Gourmet Catering and BBQ (also known as B&C).

“We worked with Paul and Angel.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants some good BBQ! They were great to work with and the food was amazing the day of the wedding. We heard nothing but great compliments from all our guests on the food. The service at the reception was great as well. All the servers were very nice and made sure all our guests were taken care of.”


Frosted Affair did our cake topper and our mini cupcakes. We actually never ended up cutting our cake at the wedding but our guests said the cupcakes were great and the next day we got to enjoy the cake, which was wonderful! Our caterer, B&C, also provided mini tarts with our dinner. We had a mixture of banana pudding, pecan pie and peach cobbler. These were great as well!”


Transportation:  MetroLivery

“We had MetroLivery pick us up after the reception. This worked out great for us as we had them for an hour so they were able to go back to the reception and give rides to a lot of our out of state guests so they wouldn’t have to get a cab.”


 Your favorite and least favorite part of planning?

“The planning of the wedding actually was pretty easy and fun.  We didn’t try to do anything too over the top and made the wedding exactly how we wanted it to be.”  

The most memorable moment of your wedding day?

“The first time Jonathan and I saw each other.  We both were ready for this day but were both a little nervous and knew we would be ok once we saw each other.  Seeing him made my nerves go away completely.  We both had happy tears and were excited to see each other.  My groom was looking good all dressed up and I was so excited that I would soon be walking down the isle to become his wife!”

What you would change, if anything?

“In all honesty I thought our wedding day was perfect!  Everything went as planned and if anything was missed we didn’t care.  We were just so happy to have all our family and friends there to celebrate with us.  If I could have changed anything though, I would have loved to have had more time to talk with our friends and family.”

Where was your budget was best spent?

“I feel our money was best spent on our Florist and Day of Coordinator.  Rachal at Magnolia Ave was so worth it and actually was very affordable. I would have paid double if I had to, knowing now how great she was with our flowers and the coordination.” 

Any advice for future brides?

“My biggest advice might be hard for some but make the wedding about YOU and your GROOM and what the two of you want.  I know lots of people have friends/family that want to give you all sorts of advice or don’t understand why you made some of the choices you did but in the end the wedding is about the two of you.  Fortunately, Jonathan and I were able to do this pretty much through our entire planning but I can see where there could have been times that I could have changed my mind on a few things because someone didn’t understand why we weren’t doing some traditional things.”  

“Put a lot of thought into your guest list.  Again, I will go back to the beginning, the wedding is for the two of you.  When we first made our list we had all sorts of friends/family that we hadn’t spoken to in years.  As we worked through our list we ended up telling our families that they could each invite a certain number of their friends and then the rest of who was invited were who we chose.”  

“My last bit of advice is to ENJOY the day!  It’s a day that Jonathan and I will never forget!”

Thanks, Bethany!

@2014 Bledsoe Photography

  1. Leah Faber says:

    Shanell these are beautiful! Bethany I’m so excited for you, congrats!! Nellie you got yourself an excellent second shooter in Samir. I knew that was a photography collaboration that needed to happen! Seamless and gorgeous job guys!!

  2. Samir Osman says:

    The first of many I hope!

  3. I should also shout out to Candle Kincade- Makeup Artist for all her help that day too!!

  4. Krista Allen says:

    Beautiful pics and couple.

  5. Leah Faber says:

    Candle knows how to make a bride look beautiful on her special day! I was a happy glowing client for sure!

  6. She was my assistant and keeper of my sanity for the day. 🙂

  7. Leah Faber says:

    Bless her! I know what that job involves all too well! ❤️

  8. Bettie Irwin says:

    What a beautiful wedding and a day to remember with such lovely photography! I felt like I was there again enjoying this special time for Jonathan and Bethany. I especially liked reading all the comments about the planning and the vendors that were used. It looks like all the special moments were captured.

  9. Janet warken (polo fields) says:

    Just beautiful.. You both just grinning from ear to ear in every picture. I hope you never lose that grin for many many years together. Congratulations.

  10. Dixie Barnes says:

    Would Ya’ LOOK at them RED shoes…………….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 LIKE.

  11. Was such a pleasure to work with this sweet couple!!!

  12. Thanks for allowing Bacon & Caviar to cater your beautiful event!

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