5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner


September 25, 2019

5 reasons to hire a wedding planner

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

You’re engaged! Now what? It’s time to get into wedding mode. Where in the world do you start? What comes first – the venue or the dress? What if it rains? Where will everyone park? Relax. Your planner has got this. Here are 5 great reasons to hire a wedding planner.

To Keep You on Budget

Some people think they cannot afford a wedding planner, but can you afford not to hire one? Not only will a planner keep your budget in-check, but also help you save money. Often it’s the questions you don’t know to ask that can take a bite out of your budget. For instance, does that caterer you like include servers? Is that extra? Do they also have bar service or will you have to hire another company for that? It’s those little things that really add up. Your wedding planner will know these details and recommend the best pros for the job.

“It is more important to have a planner when you have a small budget. A planner will have an understanding for your needs and desires plus your limited budget. They will point you toward those vendors who will meet your needs and work within your budget. They will help you avoid costly mistakes.” – Misty Cooper, Simple Bliss Events

Wedding planners are in constant contact with other wedding professionals. They know who is offering discounts and when, passing the savings on to you. Some planners obtain discounts for their clients by recommending specific vendors with whom they have good working relationships.

Allison Gaddis, owner of Live Laugh Love Weddings says, “With a great professional wedding planner, vendors are more likely to do extra for you. Vendors know their job will be made easier on the wedding day with a hired wedding planner.”

Take those extra dollars and run, my friend!

Planners Have Insider Knowledge

Planners are in-the-know when it comes to the wedding industry. Businesses may close without public notice. Last year, a major venue in town went through an ownership change that left a couple stranded without their venue AND deposit. Luckily their wedding planner had prior knowledge and kept everything under control. On the flip side, I’ve seen couples get major discounts when a planner knew of a new DJ or florist on the scene. If vendors have an open date they need to fill, discounts or add-ons may be offered. Wedding planners are often the first to know!

Help with Timeline Scheduling

Creating a timeline can be very stressful. There are so many small details to consider on the day-of. Do you know exactly how long you will need for hair & makeup? How long is the drive time between salon and venue? What time should pre-ceremony photos begin? How long between dinner and cake cutting is normal? You get the idea. Your planner will have the entire day scheduled out not only for bride, groom, and wedding party, but they can also handle the details for family and out-of-town guests. Trust me – you don’t want to deal with a lost groomsman on your wedding day. As a photographer, I love it when the planner gives me a wedding day timeline – one that I didn’t have to come up with myself!

Communication with other Vendors

There is nothing more stressful when planning your wedding than managing multiple vendors. A major part of a wedding planner’s job is communicating with all of your chosen professionals throughout the process on your behalf. Planners will take care of all the details with each vendor in advance as well as coordinate and implement the day-of. Planners can also help negotiate and explain contracts with various vendors.

Misty Cooper adds, “With our hurried lifestyles, many of us do not have the time or patience for detailed planning and  extensive preparation for a flawless event. A professional consultant can handle the details and allow you the freedom to enjoy your special event stress-free.”

Do Not Work on your Wedding Day!

Although your besties and family may want to help out as much as you need, you don’t want to put them to work on your wedding day! Many wedding planners also assist with the set up of decorations, tables & chairs, gift tables, etc., as well as tear down.

Have a sticky family situation? Your wedding day is not the time for extra drama, so inform your wedding planner of any potential problems so that he or she may be the peacemaker. Many issues can cause friction between family members, such as deaths, divorces, etc. Your wedding planner will be sure to quell any issues that may arise during the process.

“Keep your friends and family happy!  Hiring a professional wedding planner provides a neutral person to run interference. An aunt, or dear friend might set things up or organize things the way they think it should, not necessarily how you want it. A wedding planner can help smooth things over when someone isn’t wanted in a photo, or the stepmother doesn’t get to sit in the front row. Having a neutral person to take some heat lets you, the bride or groom, keep good relations with their family and friends.” – Allison Gaddis – Live Laugh Love Weddings

Save the Stress

Wedding planners have not only a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but their vendor relationships and negotiating skills can save you big bucks and a ton of time.  They will take care of everything for you so can focus on what’s important: yourself, your partner, and your family & friends.

Allison adds, “One mother put it perfectly of why you should hire a wedding planner. “You spend thousands of dollars on photography, flowers, venues, food & drink, etc. Why wouldn’t you pay good money for someone who makes all the pieces work together to create an amazing experience for you and your guests.”


Need a Knoxville Wedding Planner?

If you are looking for a wedding planner in the Knoxville, TN area, here are a few of my favorites to work with. They made my job easier by making your day run smoothly and stress free!

Simple Bliss Events

Live Laugh Love Weddings

Lindsey Mae Events & Designs


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