Kimberly & Jim ~ 4.30.11 ~ Thompson’s Station, TN wedding


May 27, 2011

You know those couples who just look so sweetly at each other and everyone around can see that their love is undeniable?  Kimberly and Jim are one of those couples.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know them, traipse around their farm and have the opportunity to capture every precious moment of their wedding day.  I could never put into words how these two feel about each other, so I will let them describe it:

Jim on Kimberly:

“What is there not to say?  Anyone who has been around her knows how amazing she is.  If you haven’t had the chance to yet, just wait.  When I was a kid I always thought that they did not make girls like they used to.  My Grandmother (the most amazing person on Earth),  my Mom (the runner up, just because she has not had as much time as my Grandmother) and my two sisters were always examples of what I wanted.  Then one day, I met Kimberly- the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  But I thought, “They don’t make them like they used to.”  Guess what, I was wrong!  GOD will never let me down and I know why it took me so long to meet her.  He was taking a little extra time making her perfect for me!  She is a GOD fearing woman, smart as a whip, absolutely hysterical, hard worker (she works me in the ground),  great cook, loving, kind, gentle, sweet, caring, fun, beautiful, and the list could go on.  I could never dream of someone so perfect.  Yet God made her for me!”

Kimberly on Jim:

“He was born and raised to work. He loves the farm, a place he says he’ll never leave. He has a menagerie- cows, horses, mules, dogs, chickens, among others. He is very much a “tinkerer” and doesn’t like much down-time.  He built his own house from the ground up (after he tore down the existing home). He doesn’t like it when his hands “get soft” because it means he hasn’t been working. He loves his meat, potatoes and sweets and will never turn down a “Sunday dinner meal.” He loves the word “aint” and will use double negatives in a sentence just to see your reaction.”

“While he is all of these things to those around him, he’s also a good listener, a great garden helper, isn’t afraid to help me clean the house or help cook dinner. He’s not a planner and believes that his father (who is a vet) is a perfect substitute for a doctor. He gets worried about nothing and is a firm believer in God. He has a family that is always there to support him and can often be more stubborn than any mule you ever saw. Many things he has no opinion about; other things you better just listen cause you aren’t changing his mind.  He grew up without a tv and is glued to one when it’s on. He was “coming-home” king in high school but will never claim he won.”

“He is a gentleman, he opens doors (or shuts them and re-opens them if you open them first). He doesn’t think twice about driving 5 hours to pick you up (because you are in no condition to drive) when your Papa has gone to be with the Lord. (He’ll also rent a car hauler to bring your car home all in the same trip.)  He will save his money for three years because he knew you were “the one” from the first date.  He’ll hug you when you need it, even if you don’t ask.”


Aren’t they the sweetest?  Kimberly also shared her advice and vendors with me to pass along to future brides.  Here is the recap of their beautiful day!

Your favorite part of planning?
“Dress Shopping.  It was also one of the few parts of wedding planning that you could do over and over and not feel ridiculous. I must say that 99% of what makes wedding planning fun are vendors that are helpful, considerate, and listen to what you want rather than trying to sell you something you don’t need. Jen Johnson at Arzelle’s was the perfect person to help me. Once I went to Arzelle’s and spoke with Jen, I never went to another bridal boutique. This was also one of the moments that I felt like I’ll remember forever. My  mom accompanied me to every visit and fitting and I would never trade that time I spent with her for anything else.”
Transitions Hair Salon
Jude Jaszcz

The most memorable moment of your wedding day?
“Getting ready and seeing my soon-to-be husband for the first time. I had my very best friend there with me each step of the way. She was perfect; I couldn’t have asked for a better maid of honor. We spent the morning getting our hair and make-up done. Then when it was time to get dressed, she was there to calm my nerves when things didn’t go just exactly as we had planned. As I walked outside to see Jim for the first time, she was there holding my train. Then, as I snuck up behind him, every hectic moment about the day faded away and all I could think about was how happy I was to see him and how he would be my husband from that day forward.”

Bride’s Dress- Mimi by Watters Brides
Bridesmaid Dress- Bill Levkoff
Garden Delights Florist
Contact: Steve McClellanWedding  Location:
Thompson’s Station United Methodist Church
Contact: Trish Poole

Ceremony Decor:
Leland Interiors

“My grandfather and aunt who own Leland Interiors decorated the church (arrangements, moss letters, pew ends, they did it all.)”
Contact: Ted and Kippie Leland

Reception Location: Homestead Manor Plantation Contact: Marcia Franks

Cake/Bakery: Katie’s Cakes
“Jim’s sister, Katie, made the cake 🙂 It was chocolate cake with coffee flavored buttercream filling.”

Least favorite part of planning?
“Keeping the guest list small. Jim’s family is huge and having been the 5th generation in Franklin, the “Vaden” name is very well known. Unfortunately the church would only hold a certain number of people and my budget was only so big. We were able to have some of the most important people there with us and are so thankful to have spent that time with each one of them.”

What you would change, if anything?
“Everything about our wedding went better than planned. The only thing I would have changed would have been timing. I wish so badly that my mother’s parents and Jim’s 2 grandmother’s could have been there with us. I know they were watching down on us that day from heaven, but selfishly I wish I could have had them there in person.”

Where your budget was best spent?

“On our photographer, seriously. The day went by so quickly that I wish I had a rewind button to play it all over again. The only memories I will have forever are those that were captured in our photos. There are so many small facets of the whole day that I would have missed had it not been for the photos. Shanell did a superb job capturing everyone at their best and she was so incredibly easy to work with. She falls into the category of vendors that I mentioned above that make wedding planning so enjoyable.”

Any advice for future brides?
“Do your best to remember every moment. Don’t rush it and have fun planning. It’s hard, but don’t stress. And above all, enjoy it all!”

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