What NOT to Wear for Engagement Photos


August 8, 2019

what not to wear for engagement photos in Knoxville

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What NOT to Wear for your Engagement Photo Session

If you haven’t noticed, this month I’m concentrating on engagement photo sessions and how to make yours successful and fun. Last week I shared 5 great locations within Knoxville & Knox County to have your engagement session. Many times once your location is decided, the next question is, “What in the world are we going to wear?” Fashion and style is  relative and individual to each couple, so instead of giving ideas of what to wear, this week I’ll share some tips for what NOT to wear for your engagement photo session.

What NOT to Wear: Classic vs. Trendy

Remember that just like your wedding photos, your engagement photos are capturing a once in a lifetime moment. You do not want to look back in 10 years and think, “Hmmm…maybe I should have rethought that crop top…” Classic, simple styles not only (typically) photograph better, but can reduce that regret factor. If your personal style is super current and modern, consider a trendy accessory such as bold jewelry, hats, or shoes.

engagement photo on walking bridge in Nashville TN

What NOT to Wear:  Large, Loud Prints

Nothing takes away the focus of an emotional image like an overwhelming print! That Hawaiian shirt was perfect for the fraternity luau, but let’s keep it in the closet for your engagement session and for the sake of your fiance’s sanity. Prints are not your enemy, however. Smaller prints and plaid look great in photos. It’s best to keep colors subtle, classic, and in tune with your partner’s outfit – which leads us to…

What NOT to Wear:  Matching Outfits

Unless you’re rocking that 80’s beach portrait vibe, matching khaki pants and a white polo are no longer the standard (thank the photography gods). Going all matchy-matchy is great for little kids, not so much for grown adults. Instead, I like to tell my clients to choose a base like denim or black, then pick 3-4 colors that look great together and coordinate outfits from those based on the time of year. Here are some examples:

Spring: White, blush, coral, light blue.

Summer:  Yellow, gray, black.

Fall:  Rust, olive, tan.

Winter: Cranberry, ivory, navy, hunter green.

engagement photos on UT campus

What NOT to Wear: Anything Too Casual

 I love my yoga pants as much as anyone, but not for professional engagement photos. It’s time to celebrate this exciting time – dress up! Avoid athleisure, dirty sneakers, and large logos (except for the Power T, which is quite acceptable – the bigger the better. Go Vols!). Also, avoid wrinkled clothing. If possible, bring your outfits on hangers and change onsite. I’ll wait! I love to shoot close ups of the ring-bling and holding hands. Think about your nails and consider a manicure. Yes, him too.

What NOT to Wear:  2 is Plenty

Most of my engagement sessions last at least an hour which is plenty of time to change clothing, and 2 is plenty. Many couples choose to have one casual outfit and one dressy, especially if we do different locations. Vols fans? Go for denim, orange, and white for a fun first-half session around Neyland Stadium then change into a suit & gown for dramatic rooftop images at sunset with the city skyline in the background. Yes, we can do that!

Historic Jonesborough Engagement photos Tennessee

Make it YOU

Most important of all, choose clothing that you both feel good in and that compliments your personalities, hobbies, and style. Into motorcyles? Rock that black leather. Spend the weekends camping? Denim and boots are fine. Is fashion your passion? Throw him in a tux and pull those Louboutins out of the box. This is the perfect occasion for red soles.

engagement photo of couple lying in grass on a farm

Your engagement photos are usually the first professional photos you will have as a couple. Family and friends will see these images in your home, at your wedding showers, on your wedding website, and maybe even gracing the tables at your reception, so consider this photo session as your first big wedding event and dress to impress!

Where to Shop

Ladies Boutiques in Knoxville:

Elle Boutique.     Kristi.     Josie’s Boutique.     Spoiled Rotten.     Francesca’s.     Anthropologie.     Altar’d State.

Men’s Clothing in Knoxville:

Coachman Clothiers.     MS McClellan.     Express.     Marc Nelson Denim.


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