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June 27, 2012

5.18.12 ~ My first wedding of 2012 and back from maternity leave…I was NERVOUS!  I haven’t been nervous to shoot in years, but after a 6 month hiatus, the anxiety was there.

Lucky for me it was Rachel & Zac.  We had a beautiful day with just a touch of rain, and an abundance of fun people that I know and love.  They had a backyard ceremony on the lake at Zac’s parents home and a huge reception at Faith Promise Church.  Rachel gave us some wonderful words for other brides as she reflected on her wedding day:

“My heart was for God to be honored by the day and by keeping that at the front of my mind it made things easier not to stress about. He knows the desires of my heart and I trusted that the Creator had plans to prosper me, plans for my hope and future.  So much pressure is put on a bride – to look perfect, to have a beautiful event, and to take in every moment. But I wonder if maybe the pressure is put on the wrong end of things.  You’re having a wedding to get married, not vice versa. When that’s your goal, you’re wedding day could go up in smoke and as long as you’re a Mrs., it’s a success.”

Amen, Rach!  I couldn’t pick just a few images so this will be a loooong blog post.  Enjoy!!

Hair Stylist:  Paige Howell, The Color Bar.

“She was amazing – she met us where we were getting ready and we did a haircut and trial run of the bridal do a week before.” ~Rachel

Wedding Dress:  White Lace & Promises

Makeup artist:

“All of my make-up was Mary Kay and done by me! I had just recently started selling it and used all of the tools I’d learned to do my make-up just how I wanted it!” ~Rachel

Florist – JoAnne Maxey

“Chairs for the wedding and cocktail tables came from Rothchild’s! They helped pick up the chairs OUT OF THE YARD so that my dad didn’t have to slave in the sun again!!” ~Rachel

Here comes the rain!

Suits – Purchased at JC Penny

Superheroes saving the world one wedding at a time.The hill at Faith Promise Church has the most beautiful sunset views!

Caterer – “A huge group of friends led by Pam Bakker!” ~ Rachel

LOVE this huggie shot of Rachel and her dad!More advice and thoughts from Rachel:

Favorite and least favorite part of planning?  

“Favorite: Dress shopping.  Least Favorite: Last minute details.”

The most memorable moment of your wedding day?

“Waiting to walk down the aisle at the top of the stairs … I was so excited and ready for it to be OVER so I could just be married!”

What you would change, if anything?

“During the two weeks before the wedding I wish  I had carved out more time for Zac and I to talk. I was more stressed than I would have been had  I been able to talk through some things with him.”

 Where your budget was best spent?

“My pictures – definitely! It’s the only thing I got to keep aside from my dress… and I’ll be able to share my day with my friends and family who couldn’t make it!”

Any advice for future brides?

“2 awesome things: 1 – Pick three non-negotiables and be prepared to compromise on everything else! Mine were my photographer, the dress, and it had to be outdoors. 2 – Your wedding is about you, but not for you. You don’t need to get up in front of everyone to proclaim you are committed to one another. It’s really so your friends and family can process through and be a part of what’s happening in your life. It’s like a funeral… it’s about you but not for you – you’re dead! And regardless of what happens you are going to be his wife at the end of the day… and that’s what matters. Have fun – the crazy things that happen make for great stories later!”

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